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Gel Nails

At True Beauty we pride ourselves in our standard of gel nails. We are known for being perfectionists! To bring you the best nail treatments with have chosen industry leading brands. We have over 250 shades and have the latest in nail art stocked. We are natural nail specialists and your nail health comes first. We stock multiple brands and offer hypoallergenic gels.


Gel Hands



Gel Feet






BIAB & Gel Colour



Gel Pedicure


Soak off gel in beauty salon. Manicuring nails .jpg


Gel Soak off £5

Gel Soak off including file & shape £12

Nail Art

Nail Art Level 1 - This includes nail art such as loose glitter or foil application. £26

Nail Art Level 2 - This includes French, Cuffs or a few hand painted designs. £33

Nail Art Level 3 - This is so our nail art enthusiasts who have nail art on multiple nails including different methods of art, hand painted with glitter etc. £40

*Nail Art prices are down to the discretion of the therapist*

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