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Salon Policies & Terms & Conditions

Please be aware by making an appointment you acknowledge that you understand and agree to these terms and conditions. True Beauty reserves the right to cancel, delay, shorten or change treatments where reasonably necessary as a result of the details below.


True Beauty is a busy salon and so to avoid disappointment we ask that you book your treatments as soon as you are able.  Re-booking at each appointment, and especially at busy times of the year in encourages.  Appointments can be booked online or by calling. 

We will send you an email to confirm your booking at the time it is made.  Please check your appointment details and let us know as soon as possible if anything is incorrect.

An appointment reminder will be sent out by text message and/or email 24 hours before your appointment. If you cannot make your appointment for any reason, please inform us straight away.  This enables us to allocate your appointment time to someone else.


Please arrive on-time for your appointment.  If you arrive early please be prepared to wait until your booked appointment time.


If you are running late for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible. We will always do our best to accommodate late arrivals within 10 minutes of your appointment time by performing the most complete treatment possible in the time remaining at the full price. In the case of some treatments however late arrival may mean that we unable to honour your booking.

Unfortunately, arriving 10 minutes after the scheduled time of your appointment will result in your treatment being cancelled and full charges being made.  No more appointment will be booked until paid.

We recommend that you plan ahead for your visit to True Beauty and are happy to answer questions about how to get to us.  


If you need to cancel your appointment, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance. Since we turn away other clients to hold your booking, any cancellations with less than 48 hour’s notice may result in treatment fee charges up to and including 100% and no other bookings will be made until paid.

Please refer to our separate cancellation and no show policy for full details.



Our treatments are carried out by a qualified therapist. If you are unsatisfied with a treatment you have received, please bring it to the attention of your therapist and follow our complaints procedure as detailed below.  We do not give refunds on any treatments however we will look into your concerns immediately and try to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.


In keeping with our commitment to cleanliness, safety and hygiene, our equipment is cleaned and sanitised and disinfected or sterilised after every service and treatment.


Please keep your personal belongings with you at all times and leave any valuables at home.


At True Beauty we believe that our clients have the right to be heard, understood and respected.

We also believe that our staff have the right to work in a safe environment, free from any abuse or harm caused by others.  We expect all clients to treat our staff with courtesy and respect at all times.

Aggressive or abusive behaviour includes any language (verbal or written), threats, derogatory remarks or rudeness which may cause staff to feel afraid, threatened or abused.  We also consider inflammatory statements, remarks of a discriminatory nature and unsubstantiated allegations to be abusive behaviour.

Where a client is aggressive or abusive we reserve the right to refuse to continue with the service and/or refuse to provide treatment to the client in the future.

We reserve the right to report any aggressive or abusive behaviour to the police if deemed necessary.


We aim to ensure that every client is delighted with the services that they receive at True Beauty. However, we recognise that on occasions things can go wrong. If this does happen we will try to put things right at the earliest opportunity.

This procedure advises how to bring matters to our attention if you are not happy with the service you have received.

We will ensure that all complaints are documented, followed up and where appropriate, action is taken to prevent future occurrences.

The quickest and most effective way of resolving any problem is to bring it to our attention immediately by raising your concern with the therapist. They will listen carefully to your concerns and do what they can to correct any problems.

Complaints need to be documented in writing via email to  Please provide as much detail as possible, including details of your treatment, date and time of your appointment and your exact concerns.

Your complaint will be assessed by the management team.  We aim to get back to you within 2 salon working days of receiving your complaint in writing.



All new clients will be requested to complete a Client Consultation form before our therapist can perform any treatments on you. We are unable to complete any treatments until this form has been completed. 

Please advise us of any medications, health conditions, allergies, or injuries which could affect your treatment when completing this form. It is your responsibility to let us know of any changes in your circumstances before your treatment goes ahead.

We reserve the right to ask you questions relevant to each treatment at each visit and additionally may ask you to complete a Client Record Card every 6 months so that we can update our records.


There are a number of treatments which have a minimum age requirement.  Please contact the salon for age related information for specific treatments.

We are only able to provide treatments to those under 16 with written consent of the child’s parent/guardian, who must also be present during the treatment.

We reserve the right to refuse performing treatments on any guest who is under the age of consent.


Pregnant woman can receive certain treatments throughout pregnancy.  There are however some treatments that cannot be offered to those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.  Please contact the salon for details on specific treatments.

We will not perform any treatment if there is any morning sickness, decrease in foetal movement over a 24 hour period, vaginal bleeding or if the client is on bed rest.

There a number of treatments which cannot be performed due to allergies, health conditions or medications.  Please contact the salon for details on specific treatments.


Unfortunately, there may be times when we have to cancel your appointment due to therapist/staff illness or other emergency. If we are unable to reschedule your appointment at another time or with an alternative therapist on the same day we will need to cancel your appointment and rebook you for the next available appointment. We will notify you as soon as possible if we need to cancel your appointment.


While we do all we can to keep our website and price lists updated, treatments and prices are subject to change without warning. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

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